SPU Fall Congress 2018 - PUOWG Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 14, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Location: Augusta 123 at Westin Peachtree Center

Attendance: 33 members


  1. Introduction
    • Introduction, Welcome
  2. Case Presentations (40 min total - 6 min followed by 4 min discussion immediately after each presentation) - Moderator Routh
    • “First Reported Bladder Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma in a Child.” presented by Justin Penticuff (Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City)
    • “History of Wilms Tumor Prior to Resection.” presented by Jonathan Walker (Children's Hospital Colorado)
    • “Primary Renal Ewing Sarcoma Masquerading as Wilms in an Adolescent Female.” presented by Zachary Kozel (Cohen Children’s Medical Center)
    • “Bladder Rhabdomyosarcoma: Multidisciplinary Surgical Approach for the ‘Unresectable’ Recurrence.” presented by Candace Granberg (Mayo Clinic)

WINNER - “Bladder Rhabdomyosarcoma: Multidisciplinary Surgical Approach for the ‘Unresectable’ Recurrence.” presented by Candace Granberg

REMINDER – Submit these to Gold Journal for Special Edition of Case Reports from PUOWG Session

Business Meeting

  1. Updates from SPU Coordinating Council
  2. Effort with DPU
    1. Suggested topics:
      • When to do a radical surgery for local control in bladder prostate RMS (Jon Routh)
        • Working with Patricio Gargollo and Candance Granberg on this topic
      • How to manage hemorrhagic cystitis (Kristina Suson)
      • Can I do a partial nephrectomy for a unilateral renal mass (Kathleen Kieran)
      • When should I offer a primary RPLND for testicular cancer (Nick Cost)
        • Working with Amanda Saltzman on this topic
      • Can I do laparoscopic nephrectomy if I am worried it is Wilms (Armando Lorenzo)
    2. Leads are assigned above and we will ask at the meeting for volunteers to work the leads on these that are yet to be filled
    3. Planned submission deadline 12/1/18
  3. Discussion of Current Working Group studies
    1. Stone study in patients on chemotherapy
      • Kristina Suson is the lead person on this, please contact if interested
    2. Cystic Renal Mass Study
      • Amanda Saltzman and Patricio are leads on this
    3. DSD and Gonadoblastoma
      • Amanda Saltzman is the lead on this
    4. DSD and WT1 sequencing
      • Kyle Rove is the lead on this
    5. Diversion in Pelvic RMS
      • Rich Lee is the lead on this
  4. Formalize IT Committee
    • Website – Kyle Rove and Elias Wehbi
    • Social Media – Jonathan Walker and Amanda Saltzman
    • 2 years – Spring 2018 to 2020
      • Will call for volunteers in Fall 2019 and Exec Committee to Appoint 4 members
  5. Brainstorming for PUWOG Studies
    • Goal of one PUOWG publication per year
  6. Open time for Q&A, Comments