PUOWG Open Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 8 at 5:45pm

Location: Rue Crescent Room at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

Attendance: 47


  1. Introduction (3min by Armando)
    • Introduction, Welcome
  2. Case Presentations (40min- 6min each, 4min for discussion of each immediately after each presentation) - Moderator – Armando
    • Metastatic Pheochromocytoma in a Patient with VHL by Amanda Saltzman
    • Prostatic Rhabdomyosarcoma treated with Robotic Prostatectomy by Patricio Gargollo
    • A Rare Case of Pediatric Vaginal Yolk Sac Tumor by Aylin Bilgutay
    • Partial nephrectomy in Wilms Tumor: How low can you go? By Diana Bowen

Award Winner: Metastatic Pheochromocytoma in a Patient with VHL by Amanda Saltzman

REMINDER – Submit these to Gold Journal for Special Edition of Case Reports from PUOWG Session

Business Meeting

  1. Updates from SPU Coordinating Council (Ferd, 3 min)
  2. Nominations for 2017 Elections – Current nominations attached as a separate file
    • To start Spring 2018
    • President-Elect, Executive Secretary, 2 At-large positions
    • 2 at-large positions to stay on for 2 more years, new at-large terms to be 4 years to accommodate stability during turnover of members after elections
    • Will start elections in early October, will promote this during Montreal Meeting
    • Close nominations last week of September and then have nominees accept and submit paragraph to be emailed out to PUOWG members
    • Elections will be held each week and those nominated for higher positions who are not elected will then be included in subsequent elections (i.e., first week President Elect, second week Secretary, third week at-large members)
  3. Discussion of Current Working Group studies (5min)
    • Preoperative Risk Factors in Loco-Regional Wilms Tumor
      • Data being analyzed – likely to be sent to AUA
    • Testicular Microlithiasis Survey on Management:
      • Survey closed, data presented at AUA, paper in preparation
    • Stone study in patients on chemotherapy
      • Kristina Suson is the lead person on this, please contact if interested
    • Cystic Renal Mass Study
      • Patricio is the lead person on this, please contact if interested
  4. Future Education Session (Jon Routh, 5 min)
    • Planning for Fall 2018 (Jon Routh organizing SPU Fall Congress in Atlanta)
      • Interest in a “Tumor Board” with interesting cases being submitted and having mini-panel discussions and bring in local (Emory) peds oncologists/radiation oncologists
      • Plan for a topic of Pediatric GYN Tumors – will likely invite a prominent Peds GYN to be present for the tumor board
  5. PUOWG Website
    • Elias Wehbi organizing
    • Kyle Rove volunteered at the meeting to assist
    • Content
      • Background on PUOWG
  6. Membership rosters, Contact Information ii. Info on upcoming PUOWG meetings
    • Could have content from prior PUOWG meetings: presentations, minutes, etc. iii. Links to current PUOWG studies iv. Links to PDFs of current COG studies.
    • Please volunteer if you would like to help with this effort
  7. Brainstorming for PUWOG Studies
    • Goal of one PUOWG publication per year
    • Diversion in pelvic RMS
      • Rich Lee to serve as the study lead
      • Contact him if you would like to be involved
      • Aim to have a study plan, IRB plan by the Spring 2018 meeting
    • Ferd suggested setting up an MIS Peds Uro Onc Registry
    • Any thoughts, suggestions?
  8. Open time for Q&A, Comments