PUOWG Open Meeting Minutes

Saturday October 25, 2014 – 12pm to 1:30pm

Location: Miami, Florida – Ponciana Room #4 at the Loews Hotel

Attendees: 18 Total, Ferd Ferrer, Armando Lorenzo, Kathleen Kieran, Nicholas Cost, Rodrigo Romao, Dana Giel, Kristina Suson, Richard Lee, Kyle Rove, Michele Ebbers, Joe Gleason, Christopher Roth, Erin Grantham, Brian Caldwell, Bruce Lindgren, Kristin Kozalowski, Paul Bowlin, Isreal Franco

Meeting chaired by: Ferd Ferrer


  1. Organizational Goals – quick recap by Ferd
  2. Plan for 2015 Elections and Call for Nominations – Outlined by Ferd
    • Executive Committee consists of a President, a President-Elect, a Secretary, and four (4) at-large Members. The President-Elect (Ferd) will transition to be President.
    • The first election will be held at the Spring Meeting in 2015. The Executive Committee will submit a slate of nominees and nominations may also be submitted to the Secretary by any member of the Working Group.
    • The officers shall be elected by Working Group members at the Spring 2015 meeting and every 2 years thereafter and shall assume their positions at the Spring 2016 meeting and every 2 years thereafter.
    • Elections will be open for:
      1. President-Elect
      2. Secretary
      3. 4 At-large Members
    • Will need to solicit for nominations between now and Spring 2015 meeting.
    • NOTE: Nominations Received at Meeting
      • President Elect – Armando Lorenzo
      • Secretary – Nicholas Cost
  3. Discuss Current COG Protocols and Highlights from Fall COG Meeting
    • Testis/GCT (Nick Cost)
    • Renal (Kathleen Kieran)
    • Updates on PUOWG Members Involvement
      • Jon Routh to be a Committee Member on RMS
      • Nick added as a Central Surgical Reviewer for Renal
      • Armando and Rodrigo on panel at SIOP on Laparoscopic Nephrectomy for Wilms
  4. Discussion of Working Group studies
    • Update on Current PUOWG Survey Study Results (Nick)
    • “Effect of prior therapy on the histology of recurrent Wilms tumor” project (Armando)
    • Potential group study – Preoperative Risk Factors in Loco-Regional WIlms Tumor (Nick)
    • Discussion
    • Rich Lee suggested a group studying looking at Urologic Outcomes in SCT patients
    • Suggestion to survey Peds Oncologists and ER Physicians on barriers to referring to Urologists
    • Suggestions to do a group study looking at cystic renal masses in kids
  5. Plan for 2015 Educational Session during General Meeting Session
    • Plan to be done as part of Fall Meeting in Prague
    • Ferd to discuss with meeting program chair
    • Likely a panel on SIOP vs. COG in the areas of:
      • Pre Op Chemo in Renal Tumors
      • Brachytherapy/XRT in RMS
  6. Submitted cases - none submitted
  7. Open time for Q and A
    • Suggestion to develop a section on the SPU website to highlight COG Protocols
    • Discussion about how to educate our Fellows on Oncology Issues
  8. Action Plan:
    • Please submit nominations for Exec Committee
    • Next PUOWG meeting at AUA/SPU in Spring 2015 – elections at that time
    • PUOWG Survey Closes on Jan 1st - will send out repeat email blast a. Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NVYHYDB
    • Ideas for future PUOWG studies to be circulated amongst members b. Nick to circulate his study idea with IRB and prelim data
    • Someone to volunteer to work on Summary of COG protocols to be uploaded on SPU website
    • Contact PUOWG Exec Committee with ideas for Panel at 2015 Fall Meeting
    • Contact PUOWG with ideas for group
  9. Membership Update
    • Currently there are 34 members registered