Pediatric Urologic Oncology Working Group (PUOWG) of the SPU

Minutes from Open Working Group September 21, 2013

Location: SPU Fall Congress, Aria Resort Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV

Attendees: Jonathan Ross, Armando Lorenzo, Nick Cost, Jon Routh, Kathleen Kieran, David Chu, Thomas Kolon, Michael Ost, Cenk Buyukunal, Rodrigo Romao, Tony Khoury, Nina Casanova, Dana Giel


  1. 12:10p – Jonathan Ross: Introduction of PUOWG and Organizational Goals (see attached background sheet prepared by Dr. Ross)
    • Affiliation with SPU
    • Reason for organization: (1) Raise awareness, (2) Increase Education on Urologic Oncology in pediatric, adolescent and young adult urology, (3) Collaborative Research
    • Copy of PUOWG By Laws available by request from Dr. Ross
    • Presentation of Organizing Committee: Jonathan Ross, Michael Ritchey, Ferd Ferrer, Armando Lorenzo, Margarett Shnorhavorian, Nick Cost, Jon Routh and Kathleen Kieran
    • Presentation of Executive Committee of PUOWG:
      • President: Jonathan Ross
      • President Elect: Ferd Ferrer
      • Secretary: Nick Cost
      • Exec. Committee At-Large Members: Michael Ritchey, Armando Lorenzo, Margarett Shnorhavorian, Jon Routh and Kathleen Kieran
    • Develop/Expand current presence on SPU Website. Currently there are only email addresses for contact info in case of questions about cases.
    • Plans for future research proposal presentations at future meetings. These need to be submitted for review by Exec Committee at least 2 months before the Open Meeting. If approved these will be presented to the Open Meeting and subsequent project will be led by the presenting member. Acknowledgement of the PUOWG will be required for any such studies.
  2. 12:30p – Open Floor for questions:
    • Armando Lorenzo brought up issues of fertility in regards to pediatric oncology as an avenue to increase pediatric urology involvement in oncology.
    • Armando and Tom Kolon to collaborate and communicate with Jon Ross about developing this as a part of the PUOWG
  3. 12:45p – Presentation on Current Research Projects for the PUOWG
    • Nick Cost: Plans for survey on the state of oncology involvement for pediatric urologists. Please see attached sample survey or access at:
    • This will be circulated to entire SPU membership. It is a Survey Monkey survey which will be sent out at the end of October. Looking for suggestions on how to improve it prior to circulation. This will be the initial research project from our group and will serve as a baseline needs assessment for Pediatric Urology involvement in Oncology issues. Please return your suggestions to Nick by mid-October.
    • Nick Cost: Future plans for a collaborative research project on Adolescent Testicular Cancer, further details will be presented at our next Open Working Group Meeting.
  4. 12:55p – Jon Routh presentation on ideas for a Pediatric Urologic Oncology Course
    • Application for AUA course denied by AUA this year
    • Plans to offer alternative options: webinar vs. course as part of SPU
    • Jon Routh to work with Fellowship Program directors to assess their interest in paying for a webinar or course for fellows
    • Jon to work with Tony Khoury and Mike Ost about future application for AUA course, potential to piggy-back onto an existing adult course.
    • All in agreement on the value of increasing education on these topics for fellows, etc.
  5. 1:05 – Kathleen Kieran presentation on future for Case Review at PUOWG Open Meeting
    • Interesting cases with complicated decision making will be submitted for review to Exec Committee. Approved cases will be presented during our open working group meetings. This are not designed to be presented by trainees/residents or as a scientific presentation but as a case needing input or of educational value to the membership.
    • Alternatively, is using this email group as an opportunity to ask for advice on cases in real-time.
  6. 1:10p – Conclusions
    • Plans for future meetings. Nick Cost to contact Doug Coplen about obtaining meeting space for future meeting at the AUA this Spring.
    • Please circulate idea of PUOWG, interested parties may contact Nick Cost to indicate desire for membership and to be added to the roster.
    • In the interim any questions, suggestions or issues can be directed to Jonathan Ross, Ferd Ferrer or Nick Cost.