PUOWG Open Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 3rd at 6pm

Location: Marriott Marquis at McCormick Convention Center - Water Tower Room

Attendees: You!


  1. Introduction (Lorenzo, 5 min)
  2. Case Presentations
    • 45 min (5 min each, then 5 min discussion each)
    • Moderator: Lorenzo
      1. “Lessons Learned from an Uncommon Bladder Tumor.” by Sarah Hecht
      2. “NF-1 and Rhabdomyosarcoma: An Unusual Recurrence.” by Jonathan Walker
      3. “Chemoradiotherapy-induced Cytodifferentiation in Bladder/Prostate Rhabdomyosarcoma with Genetic Downregulation of Myogenin and MyoD1 Gene Expression: A Case Study and Review of the Literature.” by Hannah Agard
      4. “Local Control of Perineal Rhabdomyosarcoma - Are current recommendations adequate?” by Jerrod T. Heermans
      5. “Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor of the Penis.” by Hannah Agard
      6. “Neuroblastoma in a Newborn Female.” by Leslie Peard

REMINDER: Submit these to Gold Journal for Special Edition of Case Reports from PUOWG Session

Business Meeting (30 min)

  1. Updates from SPU Coordinating Council (3 min - Cost)
  2. Effort with DPU
    • Submitted, thank you for everyone’s help
  3. Ideas:
    1. Regular protocol updates
      • Format?
    2. Twitter Journal Club
  4. Discussion of Current Working Group studies
    1. Stone study in patients on chemotherapy
      • Kristina Suson is the lead person on this, please contact if interested
    2. Cystic Renal Mass Study
      • Amanda Saltzman and Patricio are leads on this
    3. DSD and Gonadoblastoma
      • Amanda Saltzman is the lead on this
    4. DSD and WT1 sequencing
      • Kyle Rove is the lead on this
    5. Diversion in Pelvic RMS
      • Rich Lee is the lead on this
  5. IT Committee
    • Website – Kyle Rove and Elias Wehbi
    • Social Media – Jonathan Walker and Amanda Saltzman
    • 2 years – Spring 2018 to 2020
      • Will call for volunteers in Fall 2019 and Exec Committee to Appoint 4 members
  6. Brainstorming for PUOWG Studies
    1. Global Registry?
    2. Centers could apply for use?
  7. Open time for Q&A, Comments