PUOWG Open Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 18th at 5:45pm

Location: Marriott Marquis - Golden Gate A Room

Attendees: 31


  1. Introduction (3 min by Ferd)
  2. Case Presentations
    • 45 min (6 min each, then 15 min of discussion after all presentations are done)
    • Moderator: Ferd
    1. “Adult Wilms Tumor in Pregnancy” presented by Jonathan Walker
    2. “Rare Cutaneous Malignancy in an 8 month old Male” presented by Amanda Saltzman
    3. “Wilms tumor after orthotopic liver transplant in a patient with Alagille Syndrome” presented by Evan Carlos
    4. “A Case of Primary Para-testicular Wilms Tumor in an Undescended Testis” presented by Jessica Goetz
    5. “Genetic Testing Proves Crucial in Case of Ambiguous Genitalia and Renal Masses” presented by John Weaver

Winner: “Wilms tumor after orthotopic liver transplant in a patient with Alagille Syndrome” presented by Evan Carlos

REMINDER: Submit these to Gold Journal for Special Edition of Case Reports from PUOWG Session

Business Meeting

  1. Updates from SPU Coordinating Council (3 min)
  2. Executive Committee Positions Recently Elected
    • President (2018-2020): Armando Lorenzo
    • President-Elect (2018-2020): Jon Routh
    • Executive Secretary (2018-2020): Nick Cost
    • At Large (2016-2020): Kristina Suson and Kathleen Kieran
    • At Large (2018-2022): Patricio Gargollo and Candace Granberg
  3. Discussion of Current Working Group studies (10 min)
    1. Stone study in patients on chemotherapy
      • Kristina Suson is the lead person on this, please contact if interested
    2. Cystic Renal Mass Study
      • Patricio Gargollo and Amanda Saltzman to present update
    3. Diversion in Pelvic RMS
      • Rich Lee is the lead on this
    4. DSD and WT1 sequencing
      • Kyle Rove to present a study idea on this
    5. Please reach out to these study leads to participate
  4. Future Education Session (Jon Routh, 5 min)
    • Planning for Fall 2018 (Jon Routh organizing SPU Fall Congress in Atlanta)
      • “Tumor Board” with interesting cases being submitted and having mini-panel discussions and bring in local (Emory) peds oncologists/radiation oncologists
        • Plan for a topic of Pediatric GYN Tumor
      • Jon Routh to work with Edwin Smith (Emory) to work as a local organzier
  5. Effort with the Dialogues in Pediatric Urology
    • Topics:
      1. When to do a radical surgery for local control in bladder prostate RMS (Jon Routh)
      2. How to manage hemorrhagic cystitis (Kristina Suson)
      3. Can I do a partial nephrectomy for a unilateral renal mass (Kathleen Kieran)
      4. When should I offer a primary RPLND for testicular cancer (Nick Cost)
      5. Can I do laparoscopic nephrectomy if I am worried it is Wilms (Armando Lorenzo)
    • Leads are assigned above and we will ask for volunteers to work the leads on these
    • Planned submission deadline 8/1/18
  6. PUOWG Website
    • Elias Wehbi and Kyle Rove organizing
    • Up now - http://puowg.spuonline.org
  7. Social Media
    • Amanda Saltzman and Jonathan Walker taking lead as our Social Media Committee
      • Live tweet meeting
      • Monthly updates/tweets on: Articles/Presentations/etc
    • Email Account (pedsuroonc@gmail.com)
    • Twitter account (Pediatric Urologic Oncology Working Group, @PedsUroOnc)
  8. Future for IT/Social Media appointments
    • Current people will hold positions for 2 years
    • Those interested in the future can let the Executive Committee know and send email about interest to the President. These will be appointed positions.
  9. Brainstorming for PUWOG Studies
    • Goal of one PUOWG publication per year
  10. Open time for Q&A, Comments