PUOWG Open Meeting Minutes

Friday May 12th at 5:45 pm to 7 pm

Location: Boston, MA

Attendees: 32


  1. Introduction (Armando)
    1. Introduction, Welcome
  2. Case Presentations (40min- 6min each, 4min for discussion of each immediately after each presentation) - Moderator – Armando
    1. “Incidental Bladder Cancer in a Bladder Augment.” Presented by Amanda Saltzman
    2. “Laparoscopic radical trachelectomy for RMS of the cervix in a pre-pubertal girl: Case report of a radiation-sparing approach.” Presented by Armando Lorenzo
    3. “When Chemotherapy is Not Enough – Management of Prostatic Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma in an Infant.” Presented by Christina Carpenter
    4. “A Case of Prenatally Diagnosed Wilms’ Tumor Managed with Laparoscopic Nephrectomy.” Presented by Amir Toussi
  3. Winner: Armando Lorenzo

REMINDER – Submit these to Gold Journal for Special Edition of Case Reports from PUOWG Session

Business Meeting

  1. Updates from SPU Coordinating Council (Kathleen)
  2. Nominations for 2017 Elections
    • To start Spring 2018
    • Available Positions: President-Elect, Executive Secretary, 2 At-large positions
    • 2 at-large positions to stay on for 2 more years, new at-large terms to be 4 years to accommodate stability during turnover of members after elections
    • Please email Nick (nicholas.cost@childrenscolorado.org) to nominate people for the open positions.
  3. Discussion of Current Working Group studies
    1. Preoperative Risk Factors in Loco-Regional Wilms Tumor
      • Enrollment with 8 centers – data being sent in for analysis
    2. Testicular Microlithiasis Survey on Management:
      • Survey closed, data being presented here at AUA
    3. Stone study in patients on chemotherapy
      • Kristina Suson is the lead person on this, please contact if interested
  4. Cystic Renal Mass Study (Patricio)
    • Update
    • Will develop an IRB
    • Will have retrospective
  5. Future Education Session
    • Management of diversion at time of surgery for pelvic RMS
    • Testicular Microlithiasis
    • Pediatric Oncofertility
  6. Open time for Q&A, Comments
    • Discussion about more efforts on the PUOWG writing collaborative papers on some of these rare issues within pediatric urologic oncology.