PUOWG Open Meeting Minutes

Saturday May 15, 2015 – 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Location: New Orleans, LA - Magnolia Room of the Hilton Riverside New Orleans

Attendees: 38 Total

Executive Committee: Jonathan Ross (President), Ferd Ferrer, Armando Lorenzo, Kathleen Kieran, Jon Routh Members: Paul Bowlin, Luis Braga, Pat Cartwright, Chang, David Chu, Daniel DaJusta, DiCarlo, Michele Ebbers, Isreal Franco, Patricio Gargollo, Dana Giel, Joe Gleason, Candace Granberg, Janelle Fox, Jim Hotaling, Hsieh, Antoine Khoury, Paul Kokorowski, Kurtz, Lambert, Rich Lee, Aaron Martin, Pat McKenna, Lane Palmer, Chip Roth, Amanda Saltzman, Kara Saperston, Anthony Schaeffer, Casey Seideman, Kristina Suson, Elias Wehbi, Zelkovic, Ali Ziada


  1. Introduction – Dr. Jonathan Ross
  2. Update from PUOWG Presentation to the Board – Dr. Jonathan Ross
    • The role of PUOWG in developing educational components for SPU members was emphasized.
    • Working on a role for a PUOWG educational forum at the 2017 AUA.
  3. 2015 PUOWG Exec Committee Elections – Dr. Jonathan Ross
    • Dr. Lorenzo is the only nominee for president-elect, and Dr. Cost is the only nominee for secretary-elect.
    • Dr. Ross called for additional nominations for President-Elect and Secretary; there were none.
    • Nominations for the 4 at-large positions on the PUOWG Executive Committee: Drs. Fox, Gargollo, Kieran, Roth, Routh, Suson, Giel, Lee, and Saperston. All nominees accepted the nomination.
    • Dr. Ross requested that all nominees send him a brief statement prior to May 25 if they wish to, at which time the ballot for all offices would be circulated electronically.
    • Dr. Ross also noted that all executive committee members are expected, with infrequent exceptions, to attend all PUOWG Executive Committee meetings (generally by phone) and all PUOWG semiannual group meetings.
  4. Research Presentations
    • Oncofertility Inititative – Dr. Armando Lorenzo
      • Oncofertility issues and the opportunities for pediatric urology involvement were discussed.
      • Dr. Ross assigned Dr. Lorenzo to chair the Oncofertility Committee, and charged him with the following: 1) obtaining a summary on the state of current standing and research-based oncofertility programs to share with the membership; 2) exploring educational needs and opportunities for the SPU community. Dr. Lorenzo asked for emails from any interested parties (armando.lorenzo@sickkids.ca).
    • Urotlithiasis in Pediatric Oncology Patients - Dr. Suson
      • Dr. Suson asked that anyone interested in collaborating on this project contact her at ksuson@dmc.org.
    • Dr. Ross reported on Dr. Cost’s project regarding pediatric urologic involvement in oncology cases, barriers to involvement, and needs assessment. The survey has been completed, and Dr. Cost is analyzing the data.
    • Dr. Ross also discussed a second study, investigating preoperative risk factors in locoregional Wilms tumor. This study is currently open at 3 sites and data input needs to be completed by January 1, 2016. Interested parties should contact Dr. Cost at nicholas.cost@childrenscolorado.org.
    • Dr. Ross also noted that a survey on testicular microlithiasis will be circulated electronically in the near future, and called on members to complete the survey.
  5. PUOWG at upcoming ESPU/SPU Meeting in Prague Fall 2015 – Dr. Ferd Ferrer
    • Dr. Ferrer stated that the current plan is for a 45-60 minute session to be allocated to a debate regarding the SIOP/COG protocols and the use of MIS and NSS in the treatment of Wilms tumor.
    • Dr. Cost will be representing PUOWG, Dr. LeClair will represent SIOP, and the moderator is expected to be announced in the next several weeks.
  6. COG Protocols on PUOWG/SPU Website – Dr. Chip Roth
    • The consensus of the group was that a summary of protocols would be helpful and consideration could be given to reestablishing a link from the SPU web-site to the COG website. Dr. Wehbi and Dr. Roth will work together on this project.
  7. General Discussion
    • The goals and functions of the PUOWG were discussed. Currently its goals are defined by the by-laws as being promotion of participation of pediatric urologists in COG and other national initiatives, education of the pediatric urology community on pediatric oncology issues (primarily through presentations/panels at national meetings), and the formulation and support of multicenter trials by members in areas related to pediatric urological oncology. Meetings have been seen as work sessions to forward these goals. A specific suggestion was made to formulate and disseminate consensus statements on topics such as the role of nephron-sparing surgery for renal tumors and organ preservation in the management of pelvic rhabdomyosarcomas. In addition to expanding the goals, there was discussion of increasing the meetings to include, for example, case presentations in a format similar to that employed by the SFU. It was suggested that the Executive Council put together a survey for the membership to ascertain the level of interest in specific expansions of the goals and activities of the organization. Any suggestions regarding specific goals or activities that might be undertaken by the Group and which could be included in such a survey (other than those already mentioned) should be forwarded to Jonathan Ross at Jonathan.Ross@UhHospitals.org
      • It was suggested that we undertake a study of the histology of “unaffected” renal parenchyma in children with WT, the idea being that before NSS can be endorsed, we must educate ourselves on the state of the residual renal parenchyma. It was proposed this could be done by reviewing NWTS/COG data to assess this. To take this further, a formal proposal should be submitted to the Executive Council so that it can be disseminated to the group and, those interested, may contact the primary investigator. (Of note – subsequent to the meeting the following paper was identified as relevant to this consideration: Cost et al., “Pathological review of Wilms tumor nephrectomy specimens and potential implications for nephron sparing surgery in Wilms tumor.” J Urol. 2012 Oct;188(4 Suppl):1506-10.)
  8. Action Items
    • Upcoming Election – via Survey Monkey
    • Contact Dr. Armando Lorenzo about Onco-fertility Initiative (armando.lorenzo@sickkids.ca).
    • Contact Dr. Suson about Urolithiasis Project (ksuson@dmc.org).
    • Contact Dr. Cost about project involving Risk Factors in Loco-Regional Wilms (nicholas.cost@childrenscolorado.org).
    • Volunteer to work with Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Roth (CRoth@lsuhsc.edu) and Dr. Wehbi (ewehbi@uci.edu) on PUOWG Website Design
    • Contact Jonathan Ross with ideas regarding goals and activities of PUOWG to be included in a survey of the membership (Jonathan.Ross@UhHospitals.org)
    • Submit any proposals for possible multicenter trials for which you would like to be the primary investigator to Nick Cost (Nicholas.cost@childrenscolorado.org)