PUOWG Open Meeting Minutes

May 2014

Location: Orlando, Florida

Attendees: ??

  1. Dr Ross opened the meeting and greeted everyone, introduced himself, and asked those around the table to introduce themselves as well. A sign-in sheet was also passed .
  2. Dr Routh spoke briefly about the only open Children’s Oncology Group renal protocol: AREN0534, which focuses on tumor biology.
  3. Dr Ross noted that at present there are no open rhabdomyosarcoma protocols or late effects protocols open in COG.
  4. Ongoing research within PUOWG was discussed. In addition to the COG involvement mentioned, there is interest in reviewing recurrent disease following chemotherapy (typically after NSS) to identify the histologic changes in the tumors. Dr Lorenzo from Sick Kids and Dr Kieran from the University of Iowa are working on this project for the group. Furthermore, there is interest in reviewing renal function following NSS, particularly over the long term. Dr Kieran will speak with Dr Davidoff at St Jude regarding his interest in assisting with these protocols, given the relatively high proportion of NSS for BWT performed at that institution.6
  5. Dr ____, fellow at the University of Colorado, then presented a case .
  6. The meeting was then adjourned by Dr Ross, with the next meeting to be held in conjunction with the fall SPU meeting in Miami.

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